MAG. — X10 by SEO (Media Startup)

Created Jun 13, 2020 | Worldwide
$2,750 raised of $68,700 goal 4.00%
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We're growing this cApp to achieve X10 goal with this simple capitalization strategy:
We Invest in MAG. to realize this roadmap:
  • Raise $3500 for starting up.
  • Brand new domain, theme and content making.
  • Monetizing media conten and growth mailing lists.
  • Customize ADS for CPA offers.
  • 10 month 100% ROI via multisign autofunnels.
  • Passive income 2500$/mnth. (USDT) target goal.
  • 5$ (USDT) minimum to check it out.
The terms of participation
  • Wait for confirmation - enter the link of your transfer in the CryptoTransfer field, after 12 confirmations in the Ethereum blockchain you will appear in the list of donators.
  • Share with friends - share a link to this campaign and send confirmation in the comments below. For example, you can write "Proof of sharing ... + link to your post"
  • Watch updates - the first $ 50 goes to the CPA platform account to attract new users to the campaign. On the Updates tab, published reports of invitations, transitions and conversions with links to the tracker.
Russian description
Check it out (Link)
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    Anonymous contributed $2,750

    Great app. We’re financial startup

  • Ready for crowd e-mail marketing. Affiliate link cloaking plugin connected. Multi-posting plugin connected and well tested.

  • Domain has been linked. Email marketing platform has been added (Mailchimp). Signup form integrated. LocoTranslate plugin has setup. Sharing plugin has been corrected. The concept was announced on the "Ideas - in IT" channel in Telegram.