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We're growing this cApp to achieve X10 goal with this simple capitalization strategy:
We Invest in MAG. to realize this roadmap:
  • Raise $3500 for starting up.
  • Brand new domain, theme and content making.
  • Monetizing media conten and growth mailing lists.
  • Customize ADS for CPA offers.
  • 10 month 100% ROI via multisign autofunnels.
  • Passive income 2500$/mnth. (USDT) target goal.
  • 5$ (USDT) minimum to check it out.
The terms of participation
  • Wait for confirmation - enter the link of your transfer in the CryptoTransfer field, after 12 confirmations in the Ethereum blockchain you will appear in the list of donators.
  • Share with friends - share a link to this campaign and send confirmation in the comments below. For example, you can write "Proof of sharing ... + link to your post"
  • Watch updates - the first $ 50 goes to the CPA platform account to attract new users to the campaign. On the Updates tab, published reports of invitations, transitions and conversions with links to the tracker.
30% discount for every services or devices on the marketplace provided by Advertisers of the INFINITI Universe. You'll receive on your account the equivalent of $195 in INFINITI tokens with which you can pay what you want. You"ll get a personal broker who will negotiate with the place you like to visit or any IT service you use to give you a 30% discount on this amount. To do this, indicate in the payment comments your BIP Wallet address to which we credit you INFINITI tokens.

Russian description
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  • We have published a sales story in Infinity Magazine, which tells about the cost of an IT franchise and how an investor will receive 150% ROI in 3 months. The funds raised in the crowdfunding campaign will be used to package the franchise and pay for traffic via the CPA network.