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5 "bold why" to enter in IT market:
  • TikTok is the fast growing IT project minimum for next 5 years.
  • Everyday 150mln+ people like this app and uploading tons of video content.
  • Now we offer them free download all content with simple web app - TikTok Downloader providing users with relevant ads stream.
  • Monetization model: Advertising, CPA
  • Check IT out NOW!
Capitalization strategy:
  • Customize the script.
  • Connecting Google Adsense
  • We connect the offers of the CPA platform
  • We display in the TOP-10 Google
  • KPI: $50 / day net profit
  • Target: $ 1,500 / month net profit.
  • Timeline for achieving the goal: 4-6 months.
  • Exit: sale with multiplier X1.2 of net annual profit ~ $ 21,600
  • Goal: $ 250 / month X 4 (6) = $ 1,000 ($ 1,500)⠀
To participate in the distribution of net profit from the transaction, choose a comfortable format for the participation of Rewards:

$50 - 50% of net profit*.
$100 - 60% of net profit*.
$200 - 70% of net profit*.
* - in proportion to your contribution.

How to calculate net profit:
For example, the collected budget to achieve the goal was $ 1,000. You contributed $ 50, which amounted to 5% of the total budget of $ 1000. After closing the deal at $ 21.6K, the platform commission of -8% remains $ 19872; costs -1000 $; $ 18872 remains in net profit. Your 5% will be $ 943.6 (X18.87). That is, you have increased your capital by 18.87 times in 6 months, which will be 3674% per annum (ROI).

The terms of participation:
1. Choose the amount of the participation fee of one of the Rewards - $50 / $100 / $200
2. Transfer funds in USDT (ERC20) to this address 0xd77c09cad7da7ab644342182f78285e0bb43db5f (using this link you can choose a wallet to simple way to exchange fiat into USDT token)
3. After confirming the transfer, you will appear in the list of contributors.
4. Funds are directed to the CPA platform account for the new deals and verification of ideas.
5. In the update tab we'll report on conversions and conversions with links to the tracker.
6. Share with friends a link to this campaign (links above) and send confirmation in the comments below.
7. Provide us with your BIP address in advance in the comment along with the crypto transfer option.
8. Dividends are paid in INFINITI crypobonds to your BIP Wallet address on the Minter blockchain. After exit deal you'll receive your ROI refund to your BIP Wallet address in proportion to your deposit (selected by Rewards).

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