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Created Feb 08, 2021 | Worldwide
$250 raised of $10,000 goal 2.50%
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  1. Investing in Bussines Suit SaaS (open source)
  2. Financing leadgen of Ru/CIS clients
  3. Automated leadgen (LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram)
  4. 300 clients for 7,99$/month subscribtion (28,764$)
  5. Tech.supporting manager 500$/month
  6. Sales manager 500$/month + 10% (new)
  7. CEO/CBDO 700$/month + 20% (new)
  8. ROI 150% with 12 month returns.
Please send funds to this TRX address: TMMMdbjdD8nkuDPiEHWSJpjHtipnWVfyNT
  • Pavel INFINITI
    Pavel INFINITI contributed $250

    Seed round for early ROI and MVP check

  • We're making streams by organising interviews with our leads and sharing it with our managing partners to make more profit deals.

  • Leadgen very simple - we're collecting it for our partners and our partners with IT franchises by subscriptions can convert it to customers and get rewards from INFINITI

  • Now you can sign up as new clients to receive offers about leadgen processing and get more target traffic

  • Landing page has been connected to SaaS platform and now we can supply you with proofed leads

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