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Created Sep 16, 2022 | Dubai
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$21 million from the venture fund a16z means thatit will grow next 3-5 years in the future.

Briefly: Our service offers companies to rent offices in ordinary business centers through them.

Why do we need an intermediary for this?

Because our service allows you to rent an office not only "permanently", but even for a few days a week. And the rest of the days in this office may be inhabited by some other company, which also needs an office for several, but other days a week.

The business center itself is unlikely to be hemorrhoidated with such non-permanent tenants. Therefore, our IT startup is becoming a kind of laying - we rent space for full time and rent them "by day". Now our startup already has contracts with a hundred business centers in Dubai and the surrounding area.

Moreover. We offer companies to rent not one large office, but several small ones - each of which is in the maximum proximity to the place of residence of a certain number of employees who will drive close or even come on foot to this office.

At the same time, we take care of the initial equipment and routine maintenance of such offices - from creating an interior and supplying furniture to cleaning and providing office kitchens with tea, coffee and cookies. A specific set of necessary services is negotiated at the conclusion of a lease agreement.

The lease agreement itself with our IT startup may no longer be long-term. Such contracts can now begin from 6 months. Then you can extend the contract, terminate it or move to another office - smaller, bigger or in another area.

In the current round, our competitor startup in the United States raised $16 million from the venture fund a16z, bringing the total investment to $21 million. This confirms the proven hypothesis and the growing market.

The exit strategy for our startup is an M&A with a company in the USA or a deal with an a16z venture fund.
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