How it works

INFINITI | Co-investing

The sequence of development of the product on the co-investing tool:

You create campaign on the INFINITI platform and we moderate IT. After that the campaign is published to raise funds.

The traffic manager / traffic designer places the project on a crowdfunding platform and promotes it himself, demonstrating the level of his skill. The INFINITI Venture Fund finances the promotion of only those cases in which it participates. Therefore, it is interesting for a traffic designer to even try - and we ourselves are already looking to finance his campaign or just to start, so that others will have an interest in collecting.

The idea of ​​how a traffic designer will attract new users is described in detail in the campaign’s history. When the round is assembled, the implementation of the described attraction strategy begins. His idea may or may not work. If it worked, the profitability of the campaign is divided depending on the deposit among all donors in proportion to their contribution. The deposit can be equal (rewards) - then there are additional bonuses and not equal - then without a commission.

The contributor risks a minimum amount to test the idea of ​​a traffic designer. A traffic designer (campaign organizer), like a trader, has a piling success rating from its results and develops its own personal market maker brand. The foundation only works with stars.

They are market makers for 2 reasons:

1 - they are holders of Infinity tokens immediately after the collection of the round; all the proceeds from the income are transferred to Infinity and sent to all participants.

2 - they create new markets or expand existing ones

The founders of IT projects themselves, their partners, their team can also act as donors, in order to see other projects and see the results of the campaign and check the traffic designer.

INFINITI platform is a guarantee that the funds raised go earmarked for this project. For this, the platform commission is 8% of the collected funds.

The rationale for using blockchain.

All cunning analytics is recorded on the blockchain. Funds are allocated to replenish advertising offices exactly as described in the fundraising campaign to attract new users and test channels for attracting traffic.

After the receipt of income, funds are withdrawn and converted into tokens of INFINITI cryptocurrencies. Choosing bonuses with the support of the selected crowdfunding campaign, the donor will receive an additional INFINITI in the ratio of his chosen bonus (Rewards) - this is in any case since the platform pays only for the CPA result with the project’s money, and someone can attract traffic in any case.

Therefore, the traffic manager / traffic designer is an independent expert in the field of affiliate marketing, who selects the pool of webmasters and trusts the collected funds from the crowdfunding campaign to manage it. His name is indicated on the card and his history can be checked in the public domain and on the forums.

Balanced business model.

Professional targetologists and marketers receive a reward in the form of% of the budget in INFINITI tokens after the transaction. Webmasters receive payment based on the funds raised (there may be any amount). Investors and the IT project team check the traffic manager / traffic designer and decide whether to work with him further by hiring him as a team. The platform receives a guaranteed reward and share it with donors (beckers, followers)

The INFINITI token is growing - hedging the risks of lowering BIP quotes and compensating for the risks of different currencies.

Newsletter of IT startups results is regularly sent to angels and investment funds, offering to participate in the redemption of convertible bonds from the Infiniti venture crypto fund. Subscription mailing - payment for utility with INFINITI tokens (distributed on the closed private Sale round and further on the ICO)

IT project receives 3 PR bonuses:

- Webmasters and angels investors learn about the project

- Projects know strong webmasters and effective beer traffic channels

- The Investment Fund sees the growth and demand of the startup - they can enter the project at an early stage

How to start with INFINITI?

1. Add your project to the CPA platform and we will begin raising funds to test creative ideas and search for effective traffic channels.

2. After the collection, you will meet professional traffic designers who have attracted more users to your project.

3. You receive additional funding for your IT project from your followers.

Your followers can be both angel investors and your future employees.

Start co-investing