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The idea is to create a tunnel to attract new customers to the United Traders platform on which we created a special account in which payments for platform fees will continue to be received.

As the case studies conducted by us during this year showed, each new client brings an average of 1 $ / month. Based on this, we set a rate of $ 0.92 for attracting English-speaking new users from around the world.

This micro-investment project is able to recoup costs in just 1 month and become a stable source of income for each donor for the entire life of this project. This is more than 1000% ROI and a minimum of time spent.

Road map:
  • We raise funds
  • Create a stream
  • Sales Tunnel for UT
  • From the fund we pay $ 0.92 per Lead
  • After closing the round, we distribute the proportions in proportion to each contribution received and publish it in the campaign history.
  • Of all the rewards on the United Traders platform, they are distributed among the participants for life.
  • 20% of the remuneration goes to the coordinator for managing and coordinating the campaign.
Payments are accepted in USDT (ERC20) for safety and lack of volatility. The entire amount collected is used to pay for new attracted users through the INFINITI CPA platform.

There are practically no risks, since all payments are transparent and can be traced on the ethereum blockchain ( The account was created on the organizer with a reputation on the network and then total Automation is configured through (webhook).

Each donor can check the balance by visiting the regular online meeting organized by the organizer.
The Infinity platform is a guarantee that all Funds received to the United Traders affiliate account will be transferred to the USDT addresses of all participants in proportion to each -20% contribution to operating costs.

Thus, supporting this idea, you will add a reliable asset to your investment portfolio that will generate income for you for many years to come.

If there is not enough time for the collection, the organizer reserves the right to extend the deadline until 100% or more are collected.

In case of a successful result, this campaign can become without limitation of the term and amount for the possibility of reinvesting the funds received.

The terms of participation:

1. Choose the amount of the participation fee of one of the Rewards - $ 5,10,20,50
2. Transfer funds in USDT (ERC20) to this address 0xd77c09cad7da7ab644342182f78285e0bb43db5f (using this link you can choose a wallet to exchange fiat for crypto)
3. After confirming the transfer, you will appear in the list of donors.
4. Funds are directed to the CPA platform account for the implementation and verification of ideas.
5. In the update tab I will report on conversions and conversions with links to the tracker.
6. Share with friends a link to this campaign (links above) and send confirmation in the comments below.
7. After checking by the moderator and receiving payment from the IT project, you will receive your ROI refund to the same wallet from which USDT funds were received in proportion to your deposit (selected by Rewards)
8. The report of the United Traders affiliate account appears in the Update tab every weekend.

Dividends are paid to the BIP Wallet address on the Minter network. Indicate the BIP address in advance in the comment along with the bank transfer.

For the first influencers and leadgen we started viral Campaign - feel free for sharing ;) thats helps every #IT startup #CEO/#COO connect to one of the valuable platform in venture industry like #Crunchbase for any price you want (min 5$). — INFINITI Stream (@infiniti_stream) May 21, 2020

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