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Empowering Early-Stage Startups


Early-stage startup founders often face significant hurdles in bringing their ideas to life. They may lack the skills and expertise needed to create a minimum viable product (MVP), present their project to investors, or attract the right investors. This can lead to frustration, delays, and even the abandonment of promising ideas.


At infiniti., we are passionate about empowering early-stage startups to bring their ideas to life. Our incubation program provides the resources and support needed to create a prototype, develop the necessary metrics, and attract the right investors.

We help startup founders sell early among their friends to test their idea's viability and gain early adopters. By involving early adopters as co-investors, startup founders can leverage their network to help support their idea's growth and development.

Our program assembles the first round of funding to attract seed-stage investors, streamlining the process and providing startup founders with the resources and expertise needed to create a compelling pitch deck and present their project to investors. With our guidance and support, early-stage startups can confidently pitch their ideas, attract investors, and bring their projects to life.

At infiniti., we are committed to empowering early-stage startups with the tools, resources, and support needed to succeed. Let us help you bring your ideas to life and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

Infiniti's co-investment platform is designed to help Infinity residents-founders of IT startups finance the process of attracting investment at the earliest stage of business development.

Through the platform, we help residents hone their skills in presenting their product and their ability to communicate the value of what they do to early adopters and future users to get valuable feedback from them to improve the product.

Usually at this stage, the founder's family and friends on social media have faith in him or her. So we suggest that you measure effectiveness by the number of early followers to secure your financial campaign and develop relationships with people through regular coverage of what you do in your media.

The resident acts on the instructions and uses the campaign to get the attention of early followers, offering them favorable terms to get a piece of your project in the future, after the next stage investors are brought in, the MVP is ready and market demand is confirmed.

In this way placing the campaign on the platform will help you practice your pitch in front of your friends and family, so that they will believe in your team and the idea you are implementing.

The campaign involves raising a round to pay the Infinity team to create an MVP and raise investment for the next phase. We help you identify an MVT (minimum viable team) and complement you with an outstaffed team to attract investors.

As a result, founders who subscribe to our ideas and who are inspired to develop it into a product can leave an application to become an Infinity resident so we can help them get results.

After the application, you will be contacted by a mentor who will help you identify your true desires and goals. At the strategy session you will receive a development strategy in roadmap format with step-by-step instructions. As a result, you will receive an incubation program for IT product development.

You will get a packaged idea in an offer and an investment teaser. You will have your pitch deck, a chain of messages to investors, a customized autofunnel to automate customer interaction, a logo and name of the future product, described its value proposition for early adopters and future investors, and a prototype created based on no-code or low-code platforms.

Once you've raised the first money, you'll have more enthusiasm to implement it. It takes time and expertise to attract investors. And the first money goes straight to attracting your first round.

We're an investment financial IT incubator (INFINITI). We invest in people and trends. We help IT projects by creating an incubation environment for them through a pool of 8 active interested and organically motivated participants in the entire venture industry: developers, digital nomads, angels, VCs, startups, accelerators, coworkings, magic makers.

Since 2020 INFINITI's has been matching investors with income streams and business opportunities and entrepreneurs with investors and acquirers who can appreciate their assets as they do.

We help 8 participants:

1. Developers and webmasters - we deliver new creative ideas in the format of a free subscription to the open source code for the channel “Ideas - in IT”.

2. Digital nomads - we give access to free courses on attracting organic traffic and new users according to the CPA model in IT projects, thereby pumping a key skill for startups. We help to open our virtual studio to create creatives, value delivery tunnels and attract loyal traffic. 

3. Angels (private investors) - we help to invest in IT products and corporate startups at an early stage with a minimum amount and end-to-end analytics based on Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE).

4. VCs (venture capital firm and investment funds of the early stages) - we supply end-to-end analytics on the blockchain, organize the exchange of the company's share in the next round of raising funds.

5. Startups - we empowering your project with dedicated team with mentors, fast-growing IT products in new market and help attract user attention via the customer development process.

6. Accelerators - we provide both promising IT projects and teams ready to develop them with early stage investors who are ready to finance the project.

7. Coworking - decentralized spaces for MVP sustainable development and mission fulfillment.

8. Magic makers - support new products by investing absolutely any amount and receiving dividends.

Add a project to the platform, after moderation, we will start co-investing. After raising funds, you will receive a stream of new users. We are an investment and financial IT incubator briefly INFINITI - Co-investing Tool, lean marketing for the global IT innovation market.

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