INFINITI | Crowdfunding CPA Platform

We're an investment and financial IT incubator (INFINITI). We invest in people and trends. We help IT projects by creating an incubation environment for them through a pool of 8 active interested and organically motivated participants in the entire venture industry: developers, freelancers, angels, VC (early stage investment funds), startups, accelerators, digital studios, market makers.

Since 2020 INFINITI's has been matching investors with income streams and business opportunities and entrepreneurs with investors and acquirers who can appreciate their assets as they do.

We help 8 participants:

1. For developers and webmasters - we deliver new creative ideas in the format of a free subscription to the open source code for the channel “Ideas - in IT”.

2. Freelancers - we give access to free courses on attracting organic traffic and new users according to the CPA model in IT projects, thereby pumping a key skill for startups. We help to open our virtual studio to create creatives, value delivery tunnels and attract loyal traffic. We pay for creating bundles in INFINITI cryptocurrencies using 100+ traffic channels and a budget collected through crowdinvesting (on the infiniti platform)

3. Angels (private investors) - we help to invest in 100 IT projects at an early stage with minimal checks (from $ 10) and gain access to end-to-end analytics with key metrics.

4. Venture capitalists and investment funds of the early stages - we supply end-to-end analytics on the blockchain, organize the exchange of the Infiniti option for the company's share in the next round of raising funds.

5. Startups - we add the project to the rating of fast-growing IT projects, provide additional user attention, and help attract new ones through the CPA network.

6. Accelerators - we provide both promising IT projects and teams ready to develop them with early stage investors who are ready to finance the project.

7. Digital studios - applications for the development of MVP to close the missing competencies.

8. Market makers - create new INFINITI cryptocurrencies by investing absolutely any amount in any currency, ensuring INFINITI growth and receiving dividends (5-7% per month) from delegation to the INFINITI Universe validator

Add a project to the CPA platform, after moderation, we will start crowdfunding. After raising funds, you will receive a stream of new users. We are an investment and financial IT incubator briefly INFINITI - crowdfunding CPA platform, lean marketing for the global IT innovation market.

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